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The portal provides timely information, a knowledge zone, as well as trade management tools relating to the trade supply chains (export, transit and import) in the Africa Continental Free Trade Area AfCFTA countries.

Documents, licenses, permits, certificates, fees to be paid, estimated processing times and other relevant information required by the trading community in destination countries are made available to you online, to support your import and export activities anywhere, anytime, anyplace, significantly reducing the time and cost of doing your trade business.

The eTrade Hubs portal is provided by the ICCUPSTRALACWest Blue Consulting partnership, as part of the mission to increase the participation of African businesses particularly women SMEs in the actualization of the AfCFTA, business scaling, export trade, inter regional trade and digitalization for trade facilitation. The portal is powered by West Blue Consulting and Global Trade Solution (GTS)

We hope you will find the portal informative and useful. Please do not hesitate to CONTACT US for further inquiries and support.

One-stop trade portal

eTrade Hubs Tools

Tariff and Trade Information

This is the Classification Tool that helps users find their specific Tariff code with intelligent search functions. The related tariff line, MFN duties, preferential rates of duties and all the detailed trade requirements can be accessed.

Duty Estimator

The Duty Estimator provides an estimate of the duties and levies for goods. Discover detailed information about Custom Duty, Tax and Levies of destination region or country.

Trade Management

Turn the trade information into trade. The trade management module allows you to create manage your import and export supply chain from a single platform. Generate trade compliant documentation, manage your workflow, costs and compliance.

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Whilst every effort has been made to ensure that the information provided is accurate, eTrade Hubs cannot warrant the accuracy and/or the completeness of the information which is subject to statutory changes from time to time. eTrade Hubs does not take any responsibility or incur any liability for any loss or damages suffered, either directly or indirectly, by any person or entity as a result of the reliance on the information contained herein.